Celebrate One of Canada’s Most Iconic Bands

Celebrate one of Canada’s most iconic bands with two unique canoe paddle designs that are adventure ready for use in the great outdoors or equally suited for proud display in your home, cottage or office. Available in 2 formats: a Limited Edition series and a Legacy version. Both paddles are hand-crafted from locally sourced wood, dipped in high lustre marine-grade paint, and finished with two reminiscent The Tragically Hip designs. The quality look and feel of the final piece of functional art will be a cherished addition to any fan and homage to The HIP’s music, lyrics and storied references to life in Canada. Also, be sure to enter our CONTEST for a chance to win a limited edition paddle.


Legacy Paddle

The Legacy Paddle is made with locally sourced cherry wood finished in marine-grade white paint and features a black maple leaf with band name. Each paddle comes with certificate of authenticity. It is water ready or can be displayed in your cottage, home or office as a unique tribute to The Hip and their lyrical references to the Canadian landscape. Available in 57" and 60" lengths. Read FAQs

Legacy paddle

Limited Edition Paddle

The Limited Edition Paddle is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with only 300 being made—once sold they're gone! This cherry wood paddle is finished in marine-grade black paint emblazoned with stylized Maple Leaf featuring the Hip's album names. Each paddle is number stamped on the handle and comes with a certificate of authenticity. It is water ready or can be displayed in your cottage, home or office as a prized collector's item. Length 60". Read FAQs

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Limited Edition Paddle
Sold Out

TTH Approved

Officially recognized by the band with certificate of authenticity. This is the real thing not contraband knock-off.

Made in Canada

100% Canadian made from locally sourced sustainable wood. We wouldn't have it any other way.

the real deal

These are real water-worthy paddles. Ready for adventure under constellations, one star at a time...


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